Truly, this is a war cry.

The Lord is raising up His army, the army that

He has been preparing in the wilderness.

There is a mighty move of God taking place in Louisville, KY.

The Lord sent John the Baptist before Him, preaching repentance to prepare His way.

Today He is sending Brother Miller and the Church of Truth.

This is The Lord’s Dominion.


Sister Ginny begins the discussion Sister Ginny begins the discussion using her life as a testimony of the Word coming to life for her as she was drawn out of the fleshly mind. She thought that not drinking or smoking made her something but her life was growing more and more miserable, and then the Lord began to open a new language to her…

Brother Marcus thought he was doing things spiritually but was thrown around by depression and brawling with no purpose until the Lord opened his understanding to the commandments and he said to himself “Anger is in me. This person is not making me angry” and he began seek the Word for the spirit and strength to lay aside all intemperance and to live these real teachings.

Sister Desiree blamed someone else for her lifestyle and even when she stopped sinning outwardly for a season, she still saw herself as the victim until the Lord used Sister Ginny to tell her she needed to repent. It was a hard pill to swallow, but she fought to receive that truth and see that her sin was against God and that she had to stop sinning in her heart, and the power had to come from Him.

Brother Isaac was separating himself more and more from his neighbor, establishing the lust of his old will, misusing the Word and deceiving himself. When the Light shined in and showed him the hell he was in, there was relief but then he had to fight and still he is fighting not to return to that old love but to be broken from the hatred and jealousy and receive new affections.

For so long Sister Tilly thought she was alright, that she loved the Lord and that every little duty she did was of love, but she had twisted up love with lust without making a distinction. Now she is rejoicing to know that there is a spiritual meaning to everything and that she is able now to press to let go of those things behind so she can love with her whole heart every day of her life.

“I wasn’t even acting civilized, and I had to be a civil person, a moral person, and a spiritual person?” Sister Latanya had heard the truth for some time but didn’t take it to heart until the Lord used Sister Ginny to shine a great light and show her how all the disorder was her doing and then great weights fell off her as she began to really apply the truth. Now she stands against the lies and is excited a what the Lord is doing.

Sister Josie remembers saying, “Lord, I don’t want this, I don’t want this” and the Lord was reaching down and picking her up out of the mud and she saw a light over in the corner of the cave and that light was the way out. Through these teachings He was speaking the spirit of life to her, saying, “You don’t have to live like that.” And He is continuing to teach her how to lay aside the weight and sin and she is seeing the spiritual community that He is working in her brothers and sisters.

Sister Nina had been working so hard to keep up an appearance of never doing anything wrong, and when Brother Miller read that the flesh profits nothing, it really hurt her feelings, because the only thing she knew was the flesh and its lust. She was in such a confusion, shutting herself in with nowhere else to turn but to try the Lord’s way. Now she thanks the Lord to be born in a season to receive this life.

Brother Brandon figured he was IT. He was young, black, had a good head on his shoulders… but no one knew how it was when he got home, how he felt alone; but when he saw Brother Miller’s life, the only one who lived consistently not to do the things he said not to do. “Wow, you actually can do right,” he thought. “I actually can do good!” Reality set in that he was not living, and he had to say, “Brandon, you chose to sleep around. You chose to smoke, to drink…” It was a fight to change and he is so grateful about how the Lord is drawing us closer.