Pastor Edward Miller

Man praying in the cave.

“And I will give you pastors according to mine hear. which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding” Jer 3:5

The Lord teaches everyone at The Church of Truth how to become able ministers. Through the radio broadcast, UStream, and The Church of Truth internet radio station, the Lord is blessing and using  Senior Pastor Edward Miller to make Christianity plain so everyone can understand the Word of God. The Lord blesses Brother Miller to teach people how to live the Word of God. Through his life experiences, Brother Miller teaches how to use the Word of God lawfully by keeping His Commandments. Rev 22:14

The Lord blessed Edward Miller to experience some memorable occurrences.  Some of which you may be able to relate to. The Lord called Brother Edward Miller to the ministry 37 years ago.

While attending a church in Kentucky, the pastor became angry because of the call the Lord had on his life.  The Lord instructed the young minister Edward to leave that church.  The pastor of that church began to go around and tell other ministers, “Do not ordain him because he is one of my best young ministers I got”.  At that time the young minster did not understand the pastor only been in the ministry a short period of time also.

One day in service the Lord told Brother Miller real nice, “Go to the back and set”.  But he just set there pretending not to hear the Lord ministering.  The second time the Lord said, a little stronger, “Go to the Back and Set”.  The third time the Lord commanded in a loud voice “GET UP AND GO TO THE BACK AND SET”.  The young minster got up immediately and rushed to the back.  Focusing on how strong the Lord commanded him and not looking at anyone or anything, he was shaken by the Lord’s words.   Everyone was looking at him.  Then the Lord opened his eyes to see what was happening in the church. The Lord showed him married people looking and lusting after other people in the church.  The Lord showed and revealed to him so much.  Then the Lord said, “LEAVE AND DON’T GO BACK”. That is exactly what he did.  The Lord was dealing with him.

Brother Miller really began to go through things at that church.

Edward Miller was making a living singing in a band.  He became tired of singing the same songs over and over again so he decided to return to the church he grew up in.  His soul began to cry out for its maker.  He still had a desire to sing, so after joining the church, he joined the choir.  One night at rehearsal the choir began to talk about the O’Jays coming in concert. This really disturbed the young minister because he came to church to get away from that lifestyle.  Hearing this really caused him to go through a battle because he really loved the O’Jays, it was one of his favorite groups.  As he walked home that night he was talking to the Lord, telling the Lord that what they were talking about doing he wanted to get away from that lifestyle.  The Lord instructed him, “DON’T GO BACK”. That is exactly what he did.  The Lord was still with him.

More things began to start to happen to him.  Things began to get very confusing and very scary.

At this time in life Brother Miller was living with a woman he grew up with and she was separated from her husband for five years.  One night while she was at work the room just got so bright.  Than a peace started to run through him, a peace that surpasses all understanding.  It was the Lord.  The Lord spoke to him and said, “You have to leave: I have a work for you to do”.  When the woman he was living with returned home he told her, I have to leave; the Lord told me, “You have to leave: I have a work for you to do”.  The woman replied, “I know, the Lord told me too”. This angered him because in the past it would have been a fight, but this time she said, “The Lord told me the same thing”. So he left, so he could fulfill the plan of the Lord.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) on engraving from the 1700s. Swedish scientist, inventor, philosopher, Christian mystic and theologian. Engraved by W.Holl and published in London by A.Fullatron & Co.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) on

Brother and Sister Hardin, a strong couple in the Lord true servants of God, introduced the Young Edward Miller to the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  The three of them had a real close bond. The Lord blessed them to minister to him over and over how the Lord had a plan for him.  When fighting the sin became difficult and hard they would remind him of Proverb 13:15 The ways of a transgressor is hard.  The Lord used the Hardins to rebuke and chasten him so he could reach the full potential the Lord had for him.  They fought for his salvation; the loving couple never gave up on the young minister.  They stood firm so that he could get closer to the Living God and although they were best of friends they did not put him above the truth, they stood on the word of God. The members of The Church of Truth experience the teaching style the Lord used for the Hardins to teach Brother Miller.

Edward Miller ministeringThere was a point in time when Brother Miller got away from the Lord. He got to a point where he did not want to preach or teach anymore. He felt like it was not worth the battle of how people treated him. He went through a tremendous amount of hurt and pain. It was a terribly dark period in his life. When Edward wanted to come out of the darkness he called on the Lord, who never left him or forsaken him.  The Lord instructed him that He never left him that it was him, yes Edward Miller, who decided not to get in the word. Brother Miller stopped praying and seeking the Lord. The Lord let him know that the plan that He had for him had not changed, it was him who changed. Jesus showed him that everything he had picked up he had to repent and lay it aside. He shares this time with others to show and power and the presence of God and what the Lord can do with a remnant of truth. The Lord blessed to come out of the darkness and the Lord Jesus made it clear to him, he barely made it back. But when he got back how he has fought a good fight to be used by the Lord.

The occurrences the Lord has taken Brother Edward Miller through are many and the journey is not over.  These are just a few.  The Lord ministers all the time: The Best is Yet to Come.