Life Fest

Life Fest 2015 The New Church Rising

Stairway to Heaven Banquet

Live Production, Live Music, Comedy

Experience the Spiritual Explosion of a Lifetime

Saturday, July 4th, 2015 6p-10p

United Methodist Church 2020 Garrs Lane, Louisville, KY 40216

Tickets $75 donation.

Call Bro Miller (502)408-8836

What kind of production does the Church of Truth put on? Take a look back at our previous two years. Every year the presence and power of God increases.

Scenes From Life of a True Prophet Intimate Journey 


Highlights from LIFE FEST 2013

The Rich Man and Poor Man, a Look Back

This is not by accident. It is Divine appointment. Please join us!
The Lord Jesus Christ is raising a church up in the midst by means of His
Servant, Brother Edward Miller, and He is visiting His people
with demonstration of spirit and of power.

We have the evidence.

We have found that sin is the enemy, and that sin lies within us,  and so instead of blaming everybody, we have acknowledged our sins and cried out to the Lord and gone boldly before His throne of grace in the time of need to conquer by His power.

The Lord knows we can’t conquer the sin by ourselves, and that is why He is teaching us by His grace to deny the ungodliness and worldly lusts, and as we do that He is writing His Laws in our hearts. It is a daily work, a labor unto the Lord, which we must all commit ourselves to, so that we may enter into a covenant with the Living God.

And that is why the Lord has raised up His servant Brother Edward Miller who has gone before us on an intimate journey of many years, battling the old man and obtaining the crown of Life, a living epistle of loving God above all and loving the neighbor, an angel of the Covenant, a messenger to the Church of God of the Law of Life which is in Christ Jesus and which from of old He fore-promised that He would take His Laws and write them in our minds and in our hearts.

The minds and the hearts make up our community.  This is where the battle must take place. The Lord is calling His people together to come learn of Him. He is raising up His true church in the  earth

If you are unable to join us, please visit our donation page and send a donation so someone else will be blessed by the Lord working through you. You can send a check to

The Church of Truth

PO Box 742 Louisville, KY 40201

Thank you so much! and remember, “Blessed are they that do His commandments”