Emanuel Swedenborg, 1688-1772

Emanuel Swedenborg, 1688-1772

Swedenborg was a servant of the Lord. The Lord used him to open the spiritual sense of the Word. He said that nothing good or true came from himself, but from the Lord alone. He did not set out to start a new church, he allowed himself to become a vessel for the Lord to flow though to bless all of humanity.

Before receiving his call, Swedenborg made himself useful to his country and to society. He was appointed by king Charles XII as an overseer and inspector of the nation’s mines. He was an active member of the Swedish parliament, authoring influential bills to balance the budget, to use only gold and silver coin, to control liquor, and to promote education. He was a recognized scientist, producing volumes of discoveries and hypotheses. Among them:

Picture of Rules for Life Diligently to read and meditate on the Word of God. To be content under the dispensations of God's providence. To observe propeity of behavior and to keep the conscience clear. To obey what is ordered; to attend faithfully to on's office and other duties~and in additon to make one's self useful to society in general.


       1. The first nebular hypothesis

       2. Discoveries laying the foundation for crystallography

       3. Pioneered in magnetism and metallurgy

       4. Made leaps and bounds ahead on the study of the parts and functions of the brain and increased understanding of physiology of body

       5. Designed a flying machine with fixed curved wings.

       6. Wrote the first algebra book in Swedish

       7.Significantly furthered geological sciences.



The teachings the Lord brought to the world through his servant have affected many people. Here are some famous quotes: and of his theological works,  


“Swedenborg was one of the world’s greatest geniuses. With his rare intellect and deep spiritual insight he has much to contribute to our modern life.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

“I admire Swedenborg as a great scientist and a great mystic at the same time. His life and work have always been of great interest to me.” ~ Carl Jung, Psychologist

“For you Westerners, it is Swedenborg who is your Buddha, it is he who should be read and followed!” ~ D. T. Suzuki, Zen Buddhist Scholar

“I have come back to Swedenborg after vast studies of all religions… Swedenborg undoubtedly epitomizes all the religions – or rather the one religion – of humanity.” ~ Honore de Balzac

“Swedenborg will make the deepest and broadest mark upon the religions of future ages of any man that ever walked the earth.” ~ Walt Whitman


The Lord permitted Emanuel Swedenborg to see the vision that the prophet Joel saw, that the prophet Daniel saw, the prophesy of the book of Revelation that the apostle John wrote. He saw this vision opened up, not once only, but over a period of twenty-five years of rebuke and instruction in the spirit, humbling himself to forsake the pursuits of his own wisdom to write as the Lord commanded him. Today, for the first time, the vision is coming forth into the earth with power and glory in the Lord’s Dominion, The Church of Truth. The one and only God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is raising up ministers after His own heart (Jer 3:15). The two witnesses, slain as foretold (Rev 11:11) are being raised up and are standing on their feet.